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Wedding Officiant

If you are looking to get married in Massachusetts, Sherblom Notary Services, LLC can help by acting as your wedding officiant.


Jason G. Sherblom is a fully licensed ordained minister with the Universal Life Church, and is certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to officiate wedding ceremonies for all couples. We are excited to share this special moment with you and the love of your life!

We can assist you with applying for a marriage license with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This process is quite simple and can be done in any city or town within the commonwealth and does not need to be where you live or where the ceremony will take place.


There is a mandatory 3-day waiting period before you can pick up your license. The license is valid for 60 days. More information can be found by the guidelines set forth by Commonwealth of Massachusetts at this link.

Once you are married, Jason G. Sherblom will sign your marriage license and will personally return it to the city or town clerk that issued you the license prior to its 60-day expiration date. This will need to be coordinated to ensure there is enough time left on the 60-day window.

Please check out our Wedding Officiant Services page for related fees and information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Wedding Officiant
Wedding Officiant
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