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Insurance Inspections

Sherblom Notary Services, LLC offers on-site insurance inspection services for real estate, motor vehicles, boats, trailers, and other types of tangible property to existing inspection companies, banks, title companies, insurance companies, and more. We will follow your instructions regarding inspection parameters, including interior, exterior, photographs, videos, measurements, etc.


Please see our Services and Fees page for more information.



While Massachusetts Notaries Public are authorized by their commissions to transcribe depositions, Sherblom Notary Services, LLC will not act in this capacity and instead refer you to a trained and court authorized representative. We will, however, administer any necessary oaths and affirmations and issue applicable notarial certificates for said depositions. We encourage local law offices to solicit our services for these notarial acts.


Please see our Services and Fees page for more information under General Notary Services.


Last Wills and Testaments

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, last wills and testaments are not required by law to be notarized. They are, however, required to be in writing, witnessed by two people, and signed by the one that the will is for, the testator, along with both witnesses on what is called a Self-Proving Affidavit.


Having the Self-Proving Affidavit document notarized can help speed the probate process along. Sherblom Notary Services, LLC will witness the signatures on this document and notarize accordingly.


Please see our Services and Fees page for more information under General Notary Services.


Common Types of Notarizations

Below are some of the common types of documents that require notarization. While Massachusetts notaries public have the authority to notarize any of the below documents, none have the authority to issue these documents. Please follow the guidelines in your state to determine the appropriate procedure for drafting and attaining any of the below.


 It is important to remember that you must provide the document. Please consult a lawyer or other legal advisor for guidance on the specific language needed as Sherblom Notary Services, LLC cannot provide this advice. Please keep in mind Sherblom Notary Services, LLC assumes no responsibility for the veracity of the information contained therein.


Please call or email if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment!

Last Will and Testament

Power of Attorney



Affidavit of Citizenship

Homestead Declarations

Parental Permission to Travel


DS-3053 - Passport to Minor

Promissory Notes

Acceptance of Service

Demand Letters

Custodian of Records Affidavit

Health Care Proxy

Prenuptial Agreements

Separation Agreements

Divorce Paperwork

Massachusetts Notary Public
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